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The Glass Office People provide high quality single and double glazed office partitions. We supply and install glass partitions nationwide and offer different styles to suit your design and budget.

Glass Partitions are a great way to enhance your office. A clean and fast solution to separate areas, the glass allows natural light to flow through giving a cool, contemporary and spacious feel to your environment.


Initially, you might be wary about spending your money on what can be misconstrued as just a piece of glass, but that’s before you’ve learned the benefits that a glass office partition can bring to your office. They have the ability to transform any workspace into a bright, airy environment and boast a range of other substantial benefits, making them the obvious choice for any office.

Any office would undoubtedly benefit from a flood of light into the area, which is something that ordinary windows and doors just cannot provide enough of. Floor-to-ceiling glass partitions, however, maximise the amount of natural light dispersed into a room, creating the illusion of a bright, open space. The presence of natural night can help enhance the mood of your employee’s, as sunshine helps to raise their serotonin levels, which has a direct effect on increasing their productivity. Not only can sunlight improve concentration and activity levels, but the added Vitamin D produced from natural sunlight helps boost the immune system, which could result in quite a significant reduction in sick days – as has been proven. Less sick days at home means more work days in the office, making for a happier, healthier and more productive workforce.


Office acoustics are often overlooked, while the impact of unwanted sounds on stress and lower motivation is also little understood. Providing a good acoustic environment is one of the most rewarding investments a business can make.

Workplace productivity continues to be an essential discussion in boardrooms – and newsrooms – around the country. Because office environments must encourage the transfer of knowledge and greater interaction, they should be designed to minimise unwanted noise such as phones, office equipment and ventilation and to facilitate the sharing of information.

A supportive design ultimately contributes to increased well being and job satisfaction, improved levels of concentration and communication, fewer errors and increased accuracy.

To design the optimum conditions for an office work environment, it’s important to first understand the activities that will take place in it and what the acoustic requirements are for these activities. It is the relationship between the person, the room and the activity that determines the room’s acoustic comfort, and ultimately the well being and performance of the people who use it.

First impressions also count, and on entering a building, any potential clients will immediately form an opinion about your organization – so it’s key to make that a good one. Companies are opting for glass office partitions due to the sleek, modern look they have about them which is a must in any contemporary office. Creating the feel of a bright, clean, modern office is what glass partitions do so well and are sure to instantly attract visitors and potential customers.


It’s important to know that glass partitions come in a range of styles, so that you can find the perfect fixture for your office. For example, you have the option of a framed or frameless panel, and the choice between a full height or half height partition. There is also a choice of single or double glazed partitions, depending on your specifications. If you have specific design requirements, glass panels can be tailored to suit you, for a custom-made unique design especially for your office. Whether this be that you require frosted, tinted, coloured or printed glass, all styles are available. Regardless of your needs, there will always be a suitable choice to make for the perfect partitioning solution for your office.

Glass office partitions create an added interest to any office design while creating space, introducing maximum light and giving the effect of an overall more professional atmosphere. With so many options available, glass office partitions are the perfect addition to any office looking to refresh, refurbish or improve their workspace.

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